Artist: Sara Lov Album: Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming Label: Nettwerk Release date: Out now! Website:, Let’s get right to it, Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming fits snugly into the dream pop genre. After a decade of fronting the LA dream-pop band Devics, Sara Lov’s debut album Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming doesn’t burn or blind us but is heartfelt, soul driven, and revealing. Her dream-pop tunes stir with affection, is honeyed with sentimentality, and withholds a transfixing sense of nostalgia. Each song combs through with cinematic soundscapes and with smooth yet disjointed dreamy lyrics. And whether deliberate or not there are scores of influences in Lov’s vocals. There’s an undeniable affinity between Lov’s "Tell Me How" and Aimee Mann’s "Save Me." Tell Me How composes of fickle wavering guitar riffs, yielding piano chords, and echoing vocals. And what makes this track so remarkable is its delicate tones of obscurity and the idea of living in a languid reality that pervades through in the song’s lyrics. "Animals" is another noteworthy track to highlight. Lov pairs up with Alex Brown Church and they sing a “simple” acoustic duet. Only on the surface does this song seem effortless, breezy, and rather light, especially where the lyrics sound as if they’ve been randomly strung together. But sooner or later the words start to sink under your skin—What are you made of? What kind of animal are we?—and strike a mental depth and an impulsive interiority. Same goes for "A Thousand Bees", a song that is meant to give pardon to her father and questions “How sweet is the revenge/ when you don’t want it anymore?” There’s individuality and a personal story to tell behind each song that certainly gives this album a one of a kind feel. It’s tough nowadays to produce something that’s not pretentious but rather genuine and heartfelt in sound. Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming is not a struggle to listen to and it really shows how Lov has a great ear for a melody. I can’t fault this album or give it worthy constructive criticism. This may seem like a bit of an overstatement, but really the lyrics, arrangements, and melodies are flawless. Sara doesn’t hideaway from distressing moments that took place in her childhood past, nor does she hold a sense of resentment. Rather she’s the narrator of the album’s honest story-telling that tells of the past, present and future that is to come. "...As you get older it's harder to find beauty and innocence in anything. It's easy to get jaded and lose your sense of idealism. So, to find that thing that makes you feel excited to be alive again… even if just for a moment, it's a beautiful thing." - Sara Lov (press release from Rate: 9.5/10