Sarah Davachi has announced a new album called Gave In Rest, due out on September 14th on Ba Da Bing. It follows up her submission to Sean McCann’s Recital Program, Let Night Come On Bells, released earlier this year. Gave In Rest sees Davachi returning to her own idiosyncratic ideas, this time being on a nomadic quest between religious buildings, and digging into the history of music to take inspiration from Renaissance artists and the way they first discovered manipulation of instruments, forms, and texture.

“I’ve always been a pretty solitary person, but that summer I discovered quiet moments to be increasingly valuable,” says Davachi. “I became engaged in private practices of rest and rumination, almost to the point of ritual.” She also says that while in these holy spaces, she marvelled at “the quietude, the air of reverence, the openness of the physical space, the stillness of the altars.”

'Evensong' is the first track to be released from the new album, and quietly encapsulates all of the big ideas that Davachi was grappling with over the course of the making of the record. Through subtly shifting the form of her synthesizers she holds it up to the light, showing us all the different ways that it can reflect, and the different textures that can be hidden within each other. It's compelling, to say the least, and has us excited to hear the entirety of Gave In Rest.

Sarah Davachi has some live dates, with more to be added soon. Check out these confirmed shows:

3 Aug: Los Angeles, USA, First Congregational Church, as part of Ambient Church w/ Suzanne Ciani
9 Aug: Toronto, Canada, The Baby G
10 Aug: Montréal, Canada, Stationnement Éthel, Verdun, w/ Sam Shalabi, as part of OK LÀ
07 Sep: Bialystok, Poland, Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic, as part of Up To Date Festival
08 Sep: Utrecht, Netherlands, Tivoli Vredenburg, as part of Gaudeamus Muziekweek
European tour October 2018 – More details TBA
27 Oct: Braga, Portugal, Theatro Circo, as part of Semibreve Festival