Just a year after the release of the instantly engaging and comically underrated album Never Were The Way She Was with acclaimed musician Colin Stetson, Arcade Fire member Sarah Neufeld has revealed yet another powerful track from her forthcoming sophomore album The Ridge.

The new cut follows the debut of the album's title track in late November, giving listeners a sense of the awe and vastness Neufeld gathers in her violin compositions. Unlike 'The Ridge', however, 'Where The Light Comes In' is a much more solemn and distant work, compiling stirring sections with emotive points of silence that allow the entire picture to resonate.

Speaking with Stereogum, Neufeld says, "'Where The Light Comes In' is a piece I wrote in a moment of peace. Those glorious seconds where all is quiet and open and green and the thoughts that form are snowflakes instead of lists of details and reminders. Pure deep water that never ends. I hope you enjoy. Take it with you to bed!"

Listen to 'Where The Light Comes In' below and order The Ridge today on Paper Bag before its February 26th release.