Having named her as one of our Ones To Watch For 2019, we couldn't be more excited to bring you the news that SASAMI has revealed the details of her debut album; it's self-titled and comes out through Domino on March 8th. Along with the announcement she has shared a strangely compelling new song and video called 'Jealousy'.

The new track sees SASAMI contemplating 'Jealousy', that most devilish of feelings, in a measured and quietly questioning manner. The track creeps along on softly melodic guitars, enhancing SASAMI's coy vocals, which allow the tension of the song to slowly build as it progresses. Excellent production choices give 'Jealousy' a feeling of encroaching trouble, with a genuine mischief bubbling underneath throughout, threatening to come gushing out at any point - although SASAMI just about manages to keep her cool and allow the song to stay quietly simmering away.

In the excellent video for 'Jealousy' we get several visual interpretations of that envy, and the kinds of things it can drive a person to - most bombastically demonstrated by SASAMI herself dressed as a cackling witch. SASAMI co-directed the video herself with Kate Hollowell.

On the video, SASAMI says, “The whole ‘Jealousy’ video was born out of inspiration from the scene “Bruce Vs Chocolate Cake” from the 1996 film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’. I wanted it to be kind of like a filmed version of a weird play. I am a witch creature and my sidekick, Gobby, and I dance in our painted backdrop lair and plot mischief. Luckily our havoc bears liberating ends as the bewitched are released of their socially-expected, self-imposed obsessions and rituals. I wanted to make something grotesque and creepy and funny, of course.”

SASAMI comes out through Domino on March 8th. She's also announced some European dates, including an album release show at London's The Lexington:

Feb 27th – Badehaus, Berlin
Feb 28th – Aalhaus, Hamburg
March 2nd – Bakken, Copenhagen (FREE ENTRY)
March 4th - Botanique Witloofbar, Brussels
March 5th – Paradiso (Upstairs), Amsterdam
March 6th – Pop-Up Du Label, Paris
March 8th – The Lexington, London