When we speak, 20-year-old Sasha Keable is sitting on the roof of Shoreditch House sipping an iced frappe and working her way through her emails. It's just days before the release of her second EP Lemongrass and Limeleaves and she's getting in the swing of the EP's summer influences.

"I definitely had summer images in my mind while I was writing it," says Sasha. "I'd never really listened to Rose Royce or Duran Duran before writing this EP, but I wanted it to be a mix of R&B and 80s vibes. Although I didn't think I was going to put it out near to the summer; to be honest, I didn't really have plans to work on a second EP."

Managed by Tinie Tempah's Disturbing London, she adds that being around rappers influenced her decision to put out a second EP rather than her debut album, as she regularly watches them release new music through a series of mixtapes. "I think I took after them and put out another EP, after writing this music I know I can write more music that's going to be even better for the album. There's no reason for it, I just really wanted to put out new music. I'm somebody who gets bored really quickly. As soon as I released my first EP Black Book it had been finished for four-months and I just really wanted people to hear something else."

Known by many as the vocalist who featured on Disclosure's 'Voices', which became part of the duo's number one album Settle, Sasha wanted to take some time to focus on her own material: "No, I have nothing like that planned as of yet. I just needed time to focus on my stuff. The Disclosure collaborations came quite quickly and I really felt like I needed to get my work together, so that the next time I do collaborations I then have my own backlog of music."

After penning a five-album deal with Polydor last year, she explains why putting pressure on herself to write isn't always the best way to cure writers' block: "I've had times when I've over thought it, but it just doesn't flow as nicely when you over think it. For me I really have to grasp how I'm feeling that day because if I'm not in the mood to talk about it then I'm never going to write as effectively. I find it difficult to write about things that I don't know about because I can't connect with it. Anybody who knows me will know that my life is pretty dramatic; we're not short of rollercoasters within so we're never short of things to write about. We're lucky and unlucky in that sense."

But there's one song in particular that Sasha turns to when she's feeling low and she's even got a tattoo of the video's imagery: "Since I was 14 I have been in love with Little Dragon's 'Twice', it's really got me through some tough times. It's my love. I've got a tattoo of the shadow puppets in the video. That's kind of an indication of how much that song means to me."

During March, Sasha joined fellow Brit School Alumni Katy B for five dates on her Little Red Tour. "It was such a great week and I'd never played that many shows back-to-back with a full band playing my material. It was a completely new experience for me. I was so happy that the first time I played shows back-to-back was in that environment and wasn't when I was touring, because it was so nerve racking. I had never done that before, I was worried because it was just me on stage and being the support act is quite tough as most of the time people aren't there to see you."

Set to play four gigs over the space of four days for Wireless, Ibiza Rocks and Majorca Rocks in July, Sasha talks enthuses about her live shows: "Live stuff is my favourite part of my job. It's very much focused on the music and I guess I'm quite honest when I'm on stage. It's not like a Sasha Fierce kind of thing. I don't really talk to the audience; I guess I'm quite chilled."

Prior to her festival dates Sasha is excited to play a sold-out headline show at Birthdays on May 26th as she's eager to get back to gigging.

Lemongrass and Limeleaves is available via free download from sashakeable.com