After taking some time away, singer/songwriter Sasha Keable returns fired up with new cut ‘That’s The Shit’. Written alongside producer Prgrshn, the South London native has discovered a new, direct tone within her narratives that matches the maturity in her vocal. She delivers this ode to fakes and frauds with a cynical, sophisticated tone that carries the wisdom and foresight of years way beyond her own.

Describing the song in her playful manner, Sasha states :"‘That’s The Shit’ was written over three years ago with a producer called Prgrshn. It’s a bit of a piss take to all the men who go to clubs to buy bottles with money they don’t really have and the women who hover around them just to get a few drinks or a shag…!”

Musically it brings in a variety of influences from jazz, R&B and soul. Permeating bass notes mingle with aerial, bright piano keys whilst Keable’s brassy notes tie all the elements into a track that evokes thoughts of modern contemporaries Nao and Jessie Ware along with the likes of Lauryn Hill.

‘That’s The Shit’ is available to stream/download now.