Sasha Siem has a knack for creating songs with lyrics that are outspoken and opinionated, yet articulately crafted and thoughtful - we got a taste of that in her song 'My Friend', and she's done that yet again in her new single 'So Polite'. She explained in a press release that it's “a rage against fakery, against fear, against hiding the truth and the isolation that can come when community and true care between people is missing”, which is perfectly summed up in the lyric ‘We’re fine, we don’t mind/We’re all so polite because we want to be liked’.

It's taken from her debut album Most of the Boys, which will be out through Blue Plum Records on 2 March. To celebrate its release she's announced a new headlining show at The Lexington in London on 25 March, tickets for which you can and should pick up here. The album was produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson who has worked alongside Sigur Ros, Bjork, and Feist among others, and each of the album's 12 songs are linked together by their themes and narratives in addition to the sonic atmosphere they inhabit.

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