Anglo-Norwegian singer Sasha Siem uses medieval symbols to make a powerful statement in the visuals for new single 'Bird Burning. In the heart of Iceland, the avant-pop singer with a voice like ice tackles the darker portals of love through the use of five birds - the Crow, Swan, Peacock, Pelican, and Phoenix - which were traditionally used by Medieval alchemists to represent the cycle of life and death and the journey of each soul through birth to death to rebirth. It's a stunning narrative brought to life with unforgettably emotive imagery.

"We decided to shoot the videos for Bird Burning in Iceland where the album was recorded," says Sasha. "The songs on this album explore our inner emotional life as we spiral through the life cycles of birth, death and rebirth. These inner states are well-mirrored in theotherworldly landscapes of Iceland. We chose to feature two young women in the video for Crow (the first song on the album, video to be released), and two older women in the video for Bird Burning. Together these videos form bookends to an implied narrative through the alchemical journey from youth to wisdom that occurs as we travel through cycles of love and life."