When a band is making their debut, some bumps are to be expected. Usually the performances aren't so tight, the songs a little scatterbrained and the production thin. But if this is standard, don't tell Satellite Mode. Coupling classically trained performances, intricate arrangements and a cinematic sensibility, the pair of Jess Carvo and Alex Marko have arrived at a truly thrilling debut, the Wild Excuses EP.

Carvo and Marko have made a tremendously fluid little record, one that seamlessly blends convention and innovation. The traditional set of skills are present, such as Carvo's absolutely heavenly voice. But more eclectic and experimental elements also figure their way into Satellite Mode's tracks, as evidenced by Marko's well-formed soundscapes.

"The Wild Excuses EP is a selection of songs that represents why we started and where we are going next," says the band. "It's how we got our first listeners. It's an important milestone for us."

You can stream the Wild Excuses EP below.