Like finishing a good book and wanting more, Tellison's Wages of Fear is so delicious I've played it on repeat for the past fortnight, because no other music is satisfying enough. However, on pain of death from my beloved, should I press play again (he's a Flobots fan, what can I say?) I happily stumbled upon their 'party indie' genre buddies, Satellite Stories.

Hailing from Oulu, Finland, but sounding more South London than Scandinavian, they filled the void with new single 'Family', a catchy little tune about potential procreation, that crashes in on cymbals and jangles along on guitar in an irresistibly upbeat manner. In fact with other delightful titles like 'Kids Aren't Safe on the Metro' and 'Helsinki Art Scene' (I know, me either...), you should bop along to their website,, and checkout the rest of the EP, too.

'Family' is released 4th June 2011.