Illustrator Hope Larson may be best known for her take on Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time, but she's announced a pretty cool idea for a webcomic that fans of Savages, DIIV, Tennis System, Craft Spells, and more may want to check out. SOLO is her latest comic endeavor, and it follows the life of a musician who is dealing with the breakup of her marriage and her band. It can be read here.

What's particularly special about it though is that it's accompanied by a soundtrack full of fantastic musicians, curated by Part Time Punks' founder Michael Stock. They have a weekly night taking over the Echo in Los Angeles and have a radio show as well on 88.9 in LA. Stock said the following about the project in a statement:

"The soundtrack operates a bit differently than a film soundtrack. With a comic, of course, the reader sets the pace of the story. You can take as long (or short) as you like to read a comic, whether it’s on the page or online. My hope is that the soundtrack will inspire the reader to linger on all these rich, detailed pages Hope has put together. With the fast-forward and rewind-button at the bottom of the page, the reader can also choose which of the 19 tracks best fits the scene. I mean, I definitely had certain tracks in mind for certain scenes, but it’s a cool experiment to try swapping out different tracks for different scenes."

  • Tracklist:
  • 01 Shy Boys: Keeps Me On My Toes (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 02 Marble Arch: Bitter Spring
  • 03 Beach Fossils: Careless (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 04 Craft Spells: You Should Close The Door (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 05 Half String: Honeycut (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 06 Nothing: Hymn to the Pillory
  • 07 Whirr: Twist (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 08 Bleak Boys: Lushed Away
  • 09 Blouse: In A Glass (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 10 Catwalk: I Don't Wanna Play That Game
  • 11 Moscow Olympics: Safe
  • 12 Hibou: Glow (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 13 Weekend: Coma Summer (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 14 Tennis System: Lovers & Fake Friends (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 15 Savages: Husbands (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 16 TOY: Kopter (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 17 DIIV: Air Conditioning (Part Time Punks Session)
  • 18 Tender Age: Mirrors
  • 19 Bouquet: In A Dream (Part Time Punks Session)