So. Savaging Spires. This is probably the part for a little band back-story, but consult Google for the slightest bit of information about this lot and you may as well be asking Colonel Gaddafi for advice on being popular. Although if you know where he is you should probably let someone know. At the very least I suppose we can infer that Savaging Spires are from somewhere round here - because their debut record is as English as Admiral Lord Nelson’s last cup of tea.

It’s all collages of hypnotic vocals, acoustic flourishes, scratchy ambience and pagan chants. There’s dreamy male and female vocals laced together, and no instruments that aren’t made of wood (nearly).

Every now and then you get a good melody passing through ghost-like, but for the most part this record is lots and lots of Olde English style psychedelia. It does sometimes come together quite nicely. Mid-album track 'Photographic Memory', for example, with it’s charming harmonies is more than a little addictive. 'Apostrophe Lake', too, is lovely. But the trouble with a whole record of this kind of stuff is that it can quickly become… well, sorry, but it just gets boring.

All too often just sounds like something you’d expect to hear as you walked into a out of the way shop that sells psychic crystals and wind chimes. This wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, but the record is so saturated in its acid folk influences that a casual listener will gain nothing from it. Occasionally, like on 'Sisters', it’s just nice to listen to, in much the same way a natural gentle stream is nice to listen to - but there’s reasons that gentle streams don’t sell many albums.

It’s not through some fault of the band that this review has gone all negative though. Savaging Spires have made exactly the record they wanted to here, and their dedication to their craft, anonymity and vision is to be commended. It’s just that with so many bands out there doing similar things, some better and some worse, this debut is wholly unremarkable.

But you know what, if you have a dream catcher above your bed for a sincere reason rather than because you think it makes you look more interesting, or if you’ve been staying out of sun all summer just so you could keep wearing your favourite oversized knitted jumper, then ignore me and listen to this album. Everyone else - you’re just not missing out.