"I sing what my heart feels," says London-based singer/songwriter Savannah Dumetz. "My music is my message, and that is to claim who you are and stand unapologetically in your own skin, to wholeheartedly embrace every part of you."

On 'Naked', Dumetz's debut original release, she lays her soul, her heart and her emotions bare for the world to see over a beautifully delicate guitar-lead production by The Confect. But there's much more to these stunning lyrics than what's just on the surface. "My Naked is my sensitivity and undeniable strength," she wrote on SoundCloud. "My Naked is the liberation I feel when I discard the need to be perfect. My Naked is the spirit to express each and every beautiful corner of my heart, without an apology."

You can download 'Naked' for free when you sign up to Savannah's mailing list, which is an incredibly small price to pay when you're getting musical gold such as this. Do it right now.