Savannah Ré has gone through the phases of trying to be perfect. She’s squeezed herself into little dresses and shoes that hurt in an attempt to look cute for everyone else. But the mold that some women – especially in entertainment – feel like they have to fit into, doesn’t exist. It’s a social construct. And since that epiphany, the rising Toronto R&B singer has embraced her imperfections, which has only made her a more self-assured and relatable artist.

Savannah is now ready to introduce the world to her most confident sound on her new music, which arrives in the form of her latest track 'Impressed' - a guitar-driven anthem she recorded alongside her sonic comrade YogiTheProducer and Jordon Manswell.

"With a lot of the stuff that has been going on in our industries and for women in general, the expectation is always to be perfect. But what is perfect? First of all, that’s subjective, but also, nobody is perfect," she said. "So for me, the whole idea was to flip that definition on its head. If it’s a woman, stretch-marks don’t matter. Or if you’re feeling self-conscious about something, all those things don’t matter. Anything that you think is imperfect is what sets you apart and it’s impressive to me."

Listen to 'Impressed' below and look out for new music coming from Savannah Ré.