Fresh from playing Neon Gold’s Popshop at CAMP, Savoir Adore have really started to make their mark within music. The Dreamers EP was recently released via Neon Gold, and it's pretty great.

Backed by an amazing remix from French Horn Rebellion, Robert further explains:

"New Jack Swing is back, baby girl! This track is FHR + Savoir Adore + with a dash of ABC BBD (east coast fam)."

Savoir Adore have made it an exclusive download for 405. Having already knowing they wanted French Horn Rebellion on the remix package:

"Even before we finished Dreamers we knew we wanted French Horn to remix it. Their remixes always take interesting twists and turns with the source material. This new-jack-future-disco spin pumps a whole new level of sass and excitement into the track and we LOVE it!"