Well, well, well, the new Say Lou Lou video for 'Nothing But A Heartbeat' is out and it takes a song with rather morose, dark lyrics and turns it into a dreamy tale. The promo was directed by Joanna Nordahl, whose recent credits include NONONO's 'One Wish' and Ji Nilsson's 'Heartbreakfree', and it was devised after various conversations with the Kilbey twins about the ideas behind the track's parent album, Lucid Dreaming.

The 405 met up with Miranda and Elektra to chat about Lucid Dreaming and other matters of substantial importance and we'll be bringing you a full feature with the girls later this week but, in the interim, you can watch Lou (1) and Lou (2) say a few words about the new video, which you can also catch below.

video: Dan Kendall

The Interview

The Video