When it's a sad day for Say Sue Me, it's a sad day for music. Since their inception, the Korean indie rock band has offered nothing but pure earnestness and surf rock ready grooves for fans, seeming to completely eliminate the barrier between artist and listener. Having met them for a botched (blame this guy right here) interview in their hometown of Busan, this writer can heartily tout the members as among the kindest currently playing the world stage.

It makes their experience on their most recent tour all the more painful. Arriving in Milan, the band fell victim to robbery, as they themselves explain, "we fell victim to an elaborate tire-slashing scam. While we were distracted by sorting out the damage to our tour van's tires, a number of our personal bags were stolen from us. We lost passports, Changwon's kick pedal and drum bits, personal items of sentimental value, and almost all of our income from show fees and merch sales up to that point in time, which was already over halfway through our tour."

For a band entirely reliant on their day to day earnings to get by, needless to say, this was a massive blow. "We are full time musicians and rely on this income to cover our touring costs. To have so much of it stolen really hit us hard financially."

In order to continue touring and playing music together, Say Sue Me have launched a GoFundMe. If you're able, please consider supporting an amazing act.

Your kindness won't go unnoticed. The band has offered fun rewards, from exclusive songs to T-shirts to signed LPs, all the way to a private show played just for you and your friends at the top tier. Wouldn't that make for a night to remember!

See the rewards available on the fundraiser's page, and donate if you can.