A short trek through London producer SBTRKT's catalog reveals a very strong connection with fellow London native Sampha. On SBTRKT's 2011 debut, Sampha contributed guest vocals on five of the LP's 11 tracks, and helped co-write and co-produce the album's opener 'Heatwave'.

So, there wasn't much surprise when Sampha was included on SBTRKT's newest track 'Temporary View'. Much like the illustrious debut (which earned fairly high honours here), Sampha offers a perfect anecdote for SBTRKT's post-dub accessibility. The chemistry between the two, if it wasn't evident before, flows endearingly well on the new effort. At this point, it even begs the question why SBTRKT isn't considered a full-on two person project.

Stream 'Temporary View' below. There's no immediate word on a follow-up LP to SBTRKT's 2011 debut, but it seems like it could be in the near future.

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