SBTRKT has revealed more details of the series of instrumental 12"s he announced alongside new track 'Hold the Line' last month.

The series is called Transitions, and consists of six instrumental tracks over three numbered 12" records that are intended to lead up to the release of a full album sometime later this year. Young Turks will be releasing the series from May, starting with Transitions I on May 5th, which will be followed by Transitions II on May 19th and Transitions III on June 2nd. Each track is currently available to stream here.

It sounds like the vinyl versions are going to be something you'll want to own, they will feature artwork and 2D Moiré animation by A Hidden Place, and the cool effect you can see by moving the mouse on the Transitions website is inspired by the visual effect that occurs when your remove the inner bag from its sleeve.

Listen to 'High and Lows' from Transitions III below.

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