Considering that the group is named for a street in Brooklyn that is home to all kind of strange goings-on, it should be no surprise that Scam Avenue has a bit of strangeness happening in its new video for the single 'Jailbird.'

Directed by the creative team ioulex (Julia Koteliansky and Alexander Kerr), the trippy video for 'Jailbird' complements the song's eclectic sound, which blends ominous synths with bursts of saxophone that cut through the darkness. In the video, heads spin, potions are brewed and spells are cast as the song gains momentum, charging the listener toward its hectic conclusion.

The video's imagery also reflects the song's lyrical content, which is a meditation on revenge. "We imagined [lead vocalist] Devery [Doleman] as a witch, mixing up a poisonous concoction for a unseen enemy," explains ioulex. "But instead of delivering vindication, the power of her potion proves so toxic that it overwhelms her."

You can check out the video for Scam Avenue's 'Jailbird' up above.