Director: Julian Schnabel Year: 2008 Words by: Rachel Kelly This is a truly remarkable story of Jean-Dominique Bauby, editor in Chief of Fashion French magazine Elle. In 1995 Bauby suffer's from a terrible stroke at the age of 43. He is left almost completely paralyzed.His only way of communication is using his left eye to blink. Jean-Dominique Bauby refer's to himself as a "Diving Bell" throughout this movie, this help's us understand how alone he must have felt and how over-powering his illness was to him. However, this doesn't stop him from writing a book, a dream of which was his for many year's. The director, Julian Schnabel, manage's to let the audience capture many emotion's from this film and we feel as if we were with him till the very end when he finally escape's his illness into a new world of peace. This movie is truly an inspiration to myself and without a doubt open's the audience's mind's in more way's than one. It make's us realize just how lucky we are and help's us understand the meaning of life once again. A definite must see. Don't let the fact that the movie is in French put you of. If anything this should help you concentrate more on the movie which, although sad, captures much more than just an upsetting atomosphere. This film is very worthy of your time and I highly recommend it.