It turns out that the band Scarlett Johansson is in – The Singles, alongside Este Haim (also of Haim) Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris and Julia Haltigan – is not the only band called The Singles. In fact, it turns out that the original band has been going since 1999. And the frontman of this band is not best pleased – his name is Vincent Frederick and says he can't "believe any musician would do something like that to another band."

Continuing, he gave a longer statement:

"The Singles has been my life for the past 16 years. We have worked so incredibly hard to make it a success. Our band has an account on nearly all social media sites and our music is available in record shops, on iTunes, SoundCloud, and other websites. Just a simple search on Google would have revealed that 'The Singles' was already a band name being used by another pop/rock band – our band."

As such, he and the rest of his band, or his band as an entity, has sent the Scarlett Johansson Singles a cease-and-desist letter. They need to find a new name now; to be honest, the one I just said was pretty good, wasn't it?

In the meantime we can listen to 'Candy', which is still getting a release on Federal Prison (the legal theme continues) despite the order.