Scenic is what this band claim to be; their new EP Shockwaves is a soundscape with the aural equivalent of East Anglian terrain: flat with mild variation. Don't get me wrong, it is also pleasant, ambient and danceable.

The title track, 'Shockwaves' opens with swooshy electronic noise, followed by strong funky bass. The four-piece from Perth in Australia have clearly been influenced by French electronic acts such as Air and Daft Punk. This song is described by their PR accurately as "sunny, tight and punchy," with breathy, dreamy vocals. The lyrics are hard to discern and are seemingly of little importance. With this initial track, Scenic give an impression of haziness and heat, a sonic equivalent of the wavy mirage above a stretch of hot asphalt.

Second track 'Overflow' repeats itself like a mantra with the lyrics: "I can't stop the flow… it overflows." What's quite amusing is that either my computer (automatically) or their management (consciously) has labelled the genre of this song as 'dream'. I fear the whole record comes across as sixties-worshipping wannabe psychedelia. I am not blown away, feeling like I've heard it all before. Shockwaves is trying to be like Air's Moon Safari but is not quite ground-breaking enough. The structure is too repetitive and it comes across as somewhat lacking passion - even, dare I say, Muzak.

'Hours on End' starts with a bit more get-up-and-go than the other tracks, due to the tight drumming. The melody which chimes in and disguises the drums is nice enough but unfortunately doesn't progress. The chorus is washed out and rather catchy, most probably the highlight of the entire EP, and best hook - "London by the sun, drifting over everyone" - seems like it could be a loose reference to the Kinks' 'Waterloo Sunset'.

Shockwaves concludes with fourth track, 'Mesmerised'. It's slightly more dynamic than the other tracks, with an interesting rhythm and compelling bassline. The band appears to be more present on this track than the others, where they could be said to be in a state of sub/unconsciousness. I think greater sharpness is needed throughout the record, in order to contrast with the wandering, dreamy vocals. This last song showcases a full, encompassing sound lacking elsewhere on Shockwaves. What sounds like it should build into a dramatic climax however repeats itself and dissipates with no escalation.

Scenic's Shockwaves could, despite this criticism, definitely be a grower. I could sense myself feeling more and more affectionate towards the record after each listening. There is potential there, but I think the band have yet to find a truly individual voice they can call their own. They are young, having signed with Future Classic whilst still in their teens, and perhaps first need to live in order to feel the passion they can begin to convey.