Scent are a mysterious London-based group who put out their debut EP KIM on Wichita last year, and have recently announced their next EP, a 4-track release called ROADSIDE CHERRY, due on May 18th.

The band is unusual for numerous reasons; their strange appearance in press pics, their unwieldy track titles, their distinct style of communication with fans (more on that later) and the fact that it's unclear whether they are a duo or a trio at any time. But, most interesting of all is the unorthodox way their music sounds, which you can certainly hear in the track we have for you today: 'Roadside Cherry (live_coda_mix)'.

While 'Roadside Cherry (live_coda_mix)' has hallmarks in dreampop and shoegaze, it's not loud or overwhelming, instead sounding like a cacophony of sound hitting your ears at dreamily soft volume. They add in several elements of different genres and styles; layered guitar effects that sound like cars zooming past, compressed vocal filters, baroque-like synths and keys and a fair-ground type gait that keeps the song bobbing along - until Scent expertly slice it open with a denouement of fiery blue fuzz. 'Roadside Cherry (live_coda_mix)' ultimately takes you on a journey through sun bleached memories of summer road trips to a euphoric nowhere that you'll never reach.

The band offers this as an introduction to 'Roadside Cherry (live_coda_mix)':

"Reviews > Service Stations and Amenities > THE ROADSIDE CHERRY

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Not Bad But Has A Downside by S C E N T

we stopped here on a ten-hour reptile delivery run. the food was excellent, although the complimentary swiss chocolate they gave us melted on the dashboard.

but! we should warn all potential customers - they have a strict policy about getting your rocks off in the overnight car park. very strict. we had some vast papaya of a man slam his way into our window repeatedly until we knocked it off. he probably saved us from sin but you do wonder where these folks get off.

anyway, the long and short of it is that if you need to cool down for a bit, relax and drink some OKF Aloe in the back seat of your Mitsubishi Delica, this is the place to go. But if you wanna get steamy, look elsewhere."

With that in mind, listen to 'Roadside Cherry (live_coda_mix)' below.

If you wanna get steamy, one place you could look is Scent on Twitter @steamytrails or on Instagram @steamytrails.