Unpredictable art-pop act Scent only recently put out their latest EP of shapeshifting sounds in May, but they've got another one called DEEP SPRINGS coming out this Friday on Wichita, completing a trilogy released in the last year. Ahead of that, they've shared their first ever video for the EP's title track 'DEEP SPRINGS (colorado_mix)'.

The track is a hallucinogenic foray into melodic bliss, dreamily rendered in wooshing synths, placid soundbeds and weightless voices. The video for the track captures the unreal feeling of the song through its use of infrared cameras, as well as Scent's unusual presence.

The video was captured by Miri Stevens, who says “As per my other films, I was keen on a dream-like vibe to run through this video. When I first listened to the song I knew shooting on infrared (which I’ve always wanted to do) would fit perfectly. I love how Tom’s hair went blue and everyone looks like ghosts. As the video reaches its ‘climax’ towards the end, I wanted the aesthetic and performances to be as mad and surreal as possible and was 100% set on getting a sheep or two to feature! Tom and Julien were ace on set and the most photogenic people I’ve ever worked with. We slaved in the boiling heat for this video, thank you for watching!”

About the song 'DEEP SPRINGS (colorado_mix)', the ever cryptic Scent said: “Deep Springs doesn’t exist. It’s a wash of stuff we had lying around. I think this was originally something to do with a parent and a quarter life lived in Colorado but it quickly stewed into... y’know, highs and lows or something. Anyway, avoid the canyons at night.“

Scent's DEEP SPRINGS EP comes out this Friday digitally. There is also a limited edition cassette comprising DEEP SPRINGS and their previous EP ROADSIDE CHERRY available from the Wichita store.