"We didn't want to name every one of our albums after classic albums, though we had some more..."

After releasing two of the great guitar albums of the last few years in In The Court Of The Wrestling King Let’s and Nursing Home, which are the only two albums I know that are so subtly complex yet overpoweringly blasé at the same time, we decided to interview Let’s Wrestle about how they came to be the band they are today. We asked Wesley Patrick Gonzales, lead singer and guitarist, about how they came to their name, what it’s like touring America, and how they nearly called their next album Schmets Schmestle.

The 405: How did the name Let's Wrestle come about?

Wesley Patrick Gonzales: It came from a book I really liked by David Shrigley when we started the band. There is also the Joan Of Arc song which is really cool but it isn't named after that.

405: At one point your sophomore was due to be called 'Trout Mask Wrestlica' - why did it change?

WPG: We thought it was a bit zany and also we didn't want to name every one of our albums after classic albums, though we had some more (Let's Sounds, Schmets Schmestle after Harry Nillson's ‘Nillson Schmillson’).

405: You toured with Titus Andronicus last year in the US - how was that?

WPG: It was really cool it was a pretty huge tour as we did the west coast with Titus and the 2nd half with Quasi. It was really great to go on tour with 2 bands we really liked as bands and as people and we came out of it with a bunch of friends.

405: Signing to Merge is pretty amazing - how did that come about?

WPG: Tell Me About It! I remember first getting into Superchunk and reading about Merge and ever since it has been one of my favourite labels. We sent them a copy of the first album and they signed us pretty much straight after. They are awesome people and have put out some of my favourite records of the last 20 years.

405: Who are your main influences?

WPG: I'm inclined to just say The Beatles, Neil Young, The Beach Boys, The Velvets, The Byrds and David Bowie as they are my favourite bands ever, but in terms of the 2 records we have released we have been influenced by Swell Maps, Big Black, Sebadoh and The Breeders; our influences are hard to talk about seeing as we listen to so many records. I suppose Weezer is an obvious one as people always say we sound like them, but I love Music From Big Pink by The Band just as much as The Blue Album or Judee Sill as much as The Replacements.

405: What other bands coming out of London at the moment should we be looking out for?

WPG: I play organ for this band The Proper Ornaments which is by far my favourite band in London at the moment. There is also Veronica Falls, Micachu, Male Bonding, Mazes, Omi Palone, La La Vasquez and Comet Gain (they have been around for years but don't get enough recognition).

405: What happened to Mike Lightning?

WPG: Mike left to go to Art School. He wasn't really enjoying it anymore and though he is a good friend of mine we are very different people and clashed quite a lot. Thinking about it now it was kind of inevitable.

You can find more about Let's Wrestle at http://letswrestleblog.tumblr.com/