For anyone who missed Schmieds Puls’ 2013 debut Play Dead, take our advice and get on board with the Austrian jazz-pop troupe, whose new record Manic Acid Love arrives distributed by Rough Trade on September 7th.

There’s a raw simplicity to the band’s sound, personified in vocalist Mira Lu Kovacs brittle delivery on new track ‘Don’t Love Me Like That’. Whereas their previous work owes a significant debt to the arch genius of Emilianna Torrini, the new song is more brusque, with echoes of Feist in its abrupt phrasing and odd, off-kilter lyrical couplets.

She says: "I wanted to try to explain the complexity with which I experience love and relationships. For me nothing; no feeling, no situation, no connection between me and any other person is linear. I can feel drawn to a person as much as I need to be away from them. That can be confusing and exhausting, but that’s how I experience it."

Listen to 'Don't Love Me Like That' below.

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