Label: N/A Release date: Out Now Scholars would call themselves London-based but for me they will always be the new face of a few guys from disparate bands, who were cutting their teeth in the once-excellent Herts hardcore/post-rock scene around the same time the lamentable Enter Shikari and more enticing Gallows were. Make no mistake, Scholars are a different breed entirely, and they’re certainly not living in the past by any means; ‘Fractures’, their latest single, successfully channels their UK post-rock heritage without sounding nostalgic. A side ‘Tornadoes’, opens innocently enough with arpeggios and a vocal melody tinged with emo, but at the chorus it breaks wholeheartedly into an ecstatic, fist-punching chorus before rumbling happily on thereafter. Furthermore, ‘You know I liked you better when you weren’t so talkative/you know I’m far too rare to die and much too weird to live’ is just one example, and certainly not an isolated one, of how consistently great the well enunciated lyrics are, and in music of this style, it adds a real polish and level of engagement. Imagine Envy and Other Sins covering a Muse cover of a Hell Is For Heroes and you’ll have but half an idea of the B-side ‘Tornadoes’. Scholars know damn well how to write a brutally catchy hook, how to rock out, and how to simmer down to rumbling bass and vocal harmonies; that’s about the other half of the idea. The rhythm section is as tight knit as a crochet flak vest and would carry the band with a half-decent singer. Luckily, lead vocalist Sam would easily carry an only half-decent rhythm section with his talent and vocal flourishes. The union is a happy one. An incredibly solid single offering then, with one proviso; if you’ve never liked some of the bands mentioned above and you can’t stomach enthusiastic vocals and a general lack of miserly lo-fi self-indulgence, then you won’t like Scholars. If however you’re keen to have something to punch the air and get excited about in these frigid times, then get involved. As much as their frenzied touring schedule ticks all the right boxes in building a fanbase, I think It’s about time for an album boys, I have a feeling it might blow me away. Photobucket