Label: Full Time Hobby Release Date: 03/11/2008 Link:

School of Seven Bells - the new New York buzz band (yes, another one) formed by Benjamin Curtis (ex-Secret Machine) and twin sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza (previously of Interpol touring pals On!Air!Library!) – will leave you breathless. Filling their debut record ‘Alpinisms’ with beautifully asphyxiating song after beautifully asphyxiating song, you’ll get halfway through and wonder how you’re still alive.

See, the thing with this record is not just that it’s beautiful; it’s downright heavenly. Imagine, if you will, what happens when you die. Pessimism aside, are we not conditioned to immediately think of big white fluffy clouds, huge golden gates, some strange bloke with a long greying beard and a kind face? Imagine then, what would soundtrack such a moment. The correct answer, ladies and gentlemen is this: School of Seven Bells first full-length release. The dual ethereal vocals of the Deheza sisters woven in with Curtis’ MBV shield of noise is the musical equivalent of that feeling you assume characters in movies have when they do that whole clichéd thing of spinning round with their arms outstretched and a stupid grin on their face.

In places, ‘Alpinisms’ might remind you a bit of British otherworldly type, Bat for Lashes, but apart from this there’s not many moments you could directly connect with any other artists’ body of work. No, School of Seven Bells are quite a special concept – ghostly, comforting and almost entirely incomparable to anyone else. Ever.