It's been eight years since Schoolboy Q first started working with Top Dawg Entertainment and he first gained recognition as Kendrick Lamar's hypeman. Since then, Q has successfully established his own unique spot in the rap game, as he sells out shows all over Europe with his number one album Oxymoron.

Q is chilling in his hotel room, with security waiting outside. According to them, the smoke detectors have gone off. The smell of weed hits you as soon as you step off the lift and I wait for security to finish a room inspection before I talk to the 27-year-old about his latest album. "They hating on the weed, hating on the weed. This is very offensive over here but yeah, it's offensive everywhere." He's probably recovering from his first sold out London show in Brixton last night. There's a few hours to go before he takes to the stage for his second sold out show and he's wearing his trademark bucket hat and sunglasses.

The newest album is packed with stories of Q's life, raw, personal stories. After Kendrick's success, Q's album was eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike. Asking him if he feels he accomplished everything he wanted to with Oxymoron, he says "Yeah, number one... you can't go no higher."

Ambitious and rearing to get started on his next album, Q has more to say and a huge fan base to impress with what he comes up with next. If there was ever a doubt that Schoolboy Q would blend into the background of TDE, his album helped cement his place in rap music and the 'Man Of The Year' has set a high standard for his future albums.

Known for his energetic performances, Q's sold out London shows were both big hits, with crazy energy and a hyped crowd from start to finish. Performing tracks from his earlier projects like 'Hands On The Wheel' and 'iBetiGotSumWeed', he engaged well with his fans, bringing out his light-hearted, carefree spirit as he spoke to the audience like old friends. Performing some of his fan favourites like 'Collard Greens', 'Studio' and 'Hell of a Night', it was definitely a show where a hyped sea of people in bucket hats were on their feet for the whole set. 'There He Go' and 'Gangsta' were the two that brought the most energy, bringing out a real, electric atmosphere. His delivery and flow highlighted why he has blown up so quickly and why he is such a fan favourite to see live.

The rapper talked about how Oxymoron differed from his first two albums, his writing process and his top recommendations for people to visit in LA.

How's your time in London been so far? Minus our security?

It's been cool [laughs]. They hating on the weed, hating on the weed. This is very offensive over here but it's offensive everywhere.

What do you like best about being over here? How was your show last night?

People speaking English! You can actually have a conversation with someone instead of other places they just like "I LOVE YOU" and that's it. The show was fun, hell yeah I'm tired. The crowd was good, it was fun.

What was it like growing up in Figueroa? I stayed there last summer.

Ah man, it was easy. For real? I wish I'd have met you out there. But it was easy I guess, you got your bad parts you got your good parts, pretty much it was bad but you adapt to your surroundings. That's what I did, I adapted to it, I had to adapt.

You were 21 when you started rapping, what triggered it for you?

Just like fuck it, I might as well. 50 cent was in there talking, he was saying if you don't know what to do with yourself at a certain age just start rapping. I said fuck it and started rapping and now I'm here all the way out in London. I never thought it would happen but I'm here.

I know you used to play college football do you still follow the NFL now? Who's your team?

Yeah, yeah. 49'ers, I'm a die hard fan.

Green bay packers for me.

Ah nah!

Tell me about the album, the idea you had for it?

It was real different because that's like my baby you know. I put my whole life story into it and that was the plan. To talk about my life, my grandmother, me coming up and how bad I was as a kid so now, I had to put that in context and I did it and I think I accomplished it.

Tell me a bit about your writing process for it with this album to sit there and get it all out?

It was more so me just like fuck it, get what I want, get out what's on my mind put my life story out there and talk to the people in a way I've never talked to them before. I knew what I wanted. When I was writing it I was just inspired with every record, it was something I wanted to talk about in detail.

Habits and contradictions was like the sequel to Setbacks... is Oxymoron the sum up?

It's like the sum up of Setbacks and Habits and Contradictions, yeah.

Was there a theme that wasn't explored before with Oxymoron?

Yeah. I just wanted to make people understand me you know? Like this is me, there's nothing like me and of course it's a play off of the other albums but it's still different in every way. I'm happy with the success and the love I got from it. I worked my ass off on it, so yeah, I put my life in there.

The name... where's it from?

I came up selling Oxycontin, life is an oxymoron. I was doing the bad then I was doing the good by my daughter, so it was an oxymoron, and a paradox. Shit like that.

Do you feel like you accomplished everything you wanted now that it's released?

Yeah, number one... you can't go no higher.

Do you think you made a classic with it?

Yep I believe that.

Favourite track?

'Hoover Street'. Cos it's really about my uncle my grandma life me growing up where I'm from.

Favourite track to perform?

'Gangsta', it's real energetic and hyper. They ready to go. They love it so it's real fun.

You've had a few collaborations so far, is there anyone you haven't worked with yet that you'd want to?

Nobody. When the time comes I'll be there but until then, right now nobody.

Who's your favourite person you've worked with so far?

Kurupt. That was fun, coming up off Kurupt. Meeting him and having his verse on my album. He's a legend for me.

And you've worked with 50 too?

Yeah 50 too, that was cool. I'm on his album, I think it just leaked.

What do you think is the biggest career highlight for you so far?

Dropping this album, and it being successful, being number one in the country. That's big for me. That's real big for me. Never thought that could happen and I did it. And I'm in London. Awesome.

Tell us something we don't know about you.

I'm one of the most relaxed people, chill. I'm one of the chilliest persons ever. I really don't care about nothing.

Do you have words to live by?

Yolo. Nah I'm just playing. Live 'til you die basically the same thing. You know what I mean, do whatever you gotta do until you get out. That's the ultimate goal to die. Do what you gotta do until you get there.

In ten years what's Q doing?

No telling. But I could be all over the world hopefully.

Plans the after the tour?

Working on the next album. I haven't started writing for it yet; nothing yet but soon.

What's next while you're in London?

Get kicked out of the hotel! Nah, nothing, do a show. Do a good show and actually may do some sightseeing.

Where else have you been?

Everywhere man. everywhere. Dublin, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium so many places. Dublin was one of my favourites and Czech Republic.

Was everyone drunk?

Yeah they was ready. They just wanted to have fun. I love shows with people that don't give a fuck, you know? People that don't give a fuck if you fall, they don't care if you miss a line, if you forget something they don't care. They just wanna have fun. I like that. I wanna have fun every night. I like having fun, why not be a kid forever? I was a kid and I appreciate that.

When you're on stage what goes through your mind?

Just the vibe. Whatever the crowd is feeling is what I'm feeling. Their energy.

Favourite rappers?

Nas, Jigga, Biggie, Tupac, Dogg Pound.

For people in London, tell us some good places to visit in LA.

Anywhere I'm at [laughs]. Shabu Shabu and Rif LA. That's really it- the only places I go. You go to Santa Monica you go see the beaches; go and see all of Malibu do your little sightseeing; Beverly Hills, all the rich, rich people you know just go around. Go to the ghetto, just see the difference in LA 'cos there's 3 million people that live out there - so many different things you can run into. So just see everything.

Anywhere in the world you wanna see?

South Africa - they want me there so bad. I get a lot of tweets. Yeah, they want me there.

You wanna come back to London?

Yeah of course. I'm doing some festivals and shit like that and I'mma be back out here. This ain't the last time I'm gonna be in London. I'm pretty sure my next tour, the next big thing I'll be out here too. My passport is good, everything is gravy. London is a part of me now.

Q will be performing at Reading, Leeds, Wireless Festival this summer. For more information, head here.