Jonathan Schultz has been under the radar for quite a while now. After his achievements and accomplishments with his EP trilogy, a Schultz & Forever album was in demand. The Danish-born singer-songwriter is now gearing up towards the release of Grand Guignol, his debut album, on February 23rd 2018.

Raised under the roof of Christianity and spending his developmental years in schools of the same doctrine, it was not until the discovery of art, literature and his musical aptitude, alongside the unholy teachings of Nick Cave, that Schultz fully realised his potential and embraced his path towards religious detachment.

Grand Guignol comes as a response to that process. The album is the product of his diversion from the past and a celebration of his new-found identity.

In his new video for ‘Backwards’, Jonathan poses as a croquis model and uses his body as a blank canvas to metaphorically reinterpret his process of catharsis, and the death and rebirth as a new and enlightened man.