If suddenly somebody tells you they can hear the proteins sing, don't instantly think they're on an acid trip - scientist Josiah Zayner from the University of Chicago has recently developed a musical instrument that plays infinitesimally small plant proteins like piano keys.

The driving force behind this amazing experience is called chromochord, the first ever bioelectronic musical instrument that functions by using the change in absorbance of the Avena sativa phot1 LOV2 domain (AsLOV2) and converting this into changes in music: "Scientists see beauty in a well-crafted experiment," says biophysics PhD Zayner, "the chromochord allows other kinds of people to experience that beauty."

Although he is still perfecting the chromochord, Josiah Zayner already has a new experience in mind: cultured skin cells, "so that I can be in a band with myself." [via The Verge]

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