Under the stage name Talvihorros, Queensferry, Scotland native Ben Chatwin made a distinct niche for himself exploring the lines between classical composing and modernist flare. Since the shift to his real name, however, Chatwin has invited a larger scope to his work, which can be heard even further on his upcoming full-length release Heat & Entropy.

Named after the scientific cocktail of what could create life, Heat & Entropy brings an even larger electronic sphere to his world of minimal piano creations, like with the album's first released track 'Inflexion', which can be heard below.

"We live in an age where technology is everywhere and it's becoming so integrated into our lives that we now find ourselves on the cusp of life-changing developments in artificial intelligence and implantable technologies," he writes. "That's something I tried to reflect with this album."

"I walked under the Forth Rail Bridge every day whilst making the record," Chatwin continues. "The idea of people creating a structure or machine in an attempt to dominate a natural element certainly helped to emphasize the idea of contrast between acoustic instruments and electronics. When the tide was out I would walk miles towards Edinburgh along these beautiful secluded beaches that would emerge from the water. I found it fascinating how the landscape was so changeable and under influence from the tides, which of course is in a very strong relationship with our moon more than 200,000 miles away. The tracks 'Gravitational Bodies', 'Standing Waves' and 'Surface Tension' were all inspired by this."

Listen to 'Inflexion' below. Heat & Entropy arrives July 29th on Ba Da Bing Records.