Well, it's Friday so I thought, why not put together a wee playlist ahead of the weekend? But what of the theme? Well, I figured that there is a LOT of focus on bands coming out of the musical hotbeds that are Brooklyn, Baltimore, Portland and Sweden at the moment but we seem to be neglecting some of our very own homegrown... Given this I thought I would go all patriotic on you and have a look at what Scotland has to offer at the moment. Now, given that I'm an ex-pat living it up in London village at the moment, I am perhaps not necessarily exposed to as many Scottish bands breaking through at the moment as what I would have liked. Given this, the mixtape below may well not be THAT cutting edge, even still though there's fifteen more than decent tracks on here don't you think? If you do like it, then keep your eyes peeled round these parts where a zipped up downloadable version of the playlist will be made available for you over the weekend. What you think? Marks out of 10? Any particular favourites/failures in here?