Scoundrels are making waves. Due to release their self titled, Steve Albini recorded debut album later this month, and with an appearance at 2000 Trees Festival later this year and a residency at Ronnie Scott’s (one date covered by ourselves here), to showcase their talent, they’re going places fast. We caught up with them to talk about their forthcoming album, recoding with Albini himself and being influenced by The Spice Girls.

Listen to their EP on their Soundcloud

The 405: Introduce yourselves for those of us that don't know: who are you and where do you come from?

Scoundrels:We are Scoundrels, a four piece band who play an original, contemporary blend of rock n' roll n' cruddy soul n' blues. We're all from varying parts of the country but work around a studio in West London at the moment. Ned (vocals, rhythm guitar) is from Lewes, George (lead guitar, vocals) is from Salisbury, Billy (bass) is from Chiswick and Josh (drums) is from Cranleigh.

What are your main influences?

We are influenced by a huge range of things really but I'd say we especially draw on the music from the south of America, soul, blues, rock n roll, anything with a real groove, melody and vibe to it. Our time spent recording our debut album out in Lafayette, Louisiana was one of the most influential times of our lives as we were exposed to such a variety of incredible music and people.

Your sound is quite unique and your own - how did it come about? What did you grow up listening to?

We all grew up playing with and listening to a vast array of different bands. George was in bands like The Dirty Gentlemen who play New Orleans standards by people like Fats Domino, Huey "Piano" Smith and Johnny Guitar Watson, Josh was in a metal band called 1.i.2.c. when he was but a mere scamp of a lad, Billy has been a serious advocate of bands like AC/DC from playing in various bands whilst in his early teens and aside from being in bands since I was 13 my parents were an incredibly good influence on me musically. They played me all the right stuff, I distinctly remember car journeys listening to 50's doo wop compilations, The Meters, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, old school Hip Hop, Rage Against The Machine, anything really. I think our music is essentially our own take on this huge group of influences.

What was the first record you bought? Would you/do you still play it?

The first single I bought was either a Spice Girls single or Bon Jovi's "Midnight In Chelsea". I'd like to say that it wasn't much of an indication of our later sound, but invariably I'm sure there is the occasional subconscious nod to messrs Bon Jovi and Bunton hidden somewhere within our music.

Being recorded by Steve Albini is pretty awesome - how did that come about?

Our manager hooked it up, and we're all so pleased that he did because it was a real honour working with Steve. Moving to Chicago to work at Electrical Audio Studios is a real dream come true for a band. The place is truly inspirational, Steve records to tape, the old school way and as such the sound has such a richness that one perhaps wouldn't be able to get whilst using digital recording equipment. You also really have to be on point as a band when recording as there isn't much manoeuvrability with regards to overdubs etc.

You’re known for your live shows, do you think playing live adds a lot to your sound?

Definitely, testing the tunes out live is the perfect platform for a song, you really find out whether it works or not. We also try to record as much in a "live" capacity as possible as you harness that vibe that often gets lost when recording to clicks, or recording in overdubs. Playing live also allows us to practise our own musicianship and showmanship. You have to keep a crowd on it's toes, keep them engaged and spring the odd surprise.

What was it like touring with Kill It Kid earlier this year?

Absolutely brilliant, they are such a lovely bunch of people and great musicians. It was a real joy watching them play every night and great fun getting to know them all. I really do expect big things from them in the future.

What's next? What are your plans now?

At present we are currently finishing off editing our music video to 'Gulf Of Mexico'. It's a real humdinger, and should be out and ready to view within the next few days. The first single ("Gulf Of Mexico") is out on 25th June and the album on the 27th June, followed by our release party @ Ginglik (1 Shepherds Bush Green) on Thursday, 30th June so it really is a busy time for us. We're also playing loads of festivals this year like Larmer Tree, 2000 Trees, The Big Feastival and more so we can't wait for that. Then potentially we'll start recording our second album in August before heading to tour the east coast of America around CMJ festival in New York in October. Onwards and upwards!

Scoundrels’ Self Titled album is out 27th June on Blue Horizon Records

Header image by Jill Furmanovsky