Introducing his new album Claustrophobia in an interview RA, Scuba revealed that it was inspired by Japanese techno festival, Labyrinth.

"What really brought the record together was the experience of the festival itself, both my actual set and just hanging out there for the weekend, and once I got home and back in the studio it was a really quick process. I was conscious that there were a few eyebrows raised when I was announced for Labyrinth, I guess from people who switched off around the time Hardbody came out, and it was nice to get the chance to remind people that I don't tend to stick with one thing for too long, and it's the same with the album: it doesn't sound much like Hardbody."

He went on to talk about the perceived inconsistencies in his musicmaking:

"Ultimately you can never please everyone and all you can do is whatever feels right at the time. I don't think anyone can accuse me of following trends or jumping on bandwagons or whatever, I just make the music I want to make and then wait for the haters to do their worst. I mean, obviously I fan the flames of it to an extent with stuff like that FACT Singles Club thing, but actually it's always been like this for me: when my first album came out people either said it wasn’t proper dubstep or I wasn’t as good as Peverelist. So I'm used to it."

You'll find the tracklist for Claustrophobia, scheduled for release on 23rd March, at the end of this post. In the meantime, check out the video for 'Why You Feel So Low', a track taken from the album, below.

There'll be a launch party at Steelworks in London on 28th March.

  • Claustrophobia tracklist:
  • 01 Levitation
  • 02 Why You Feel So Low
  • 03 Television
  • 04 Drift
  • 05 PCP
  • 06 All I Think About Is Death
  • 07 Needle Phobia
  • 08 Family Entertainment
  • 09 Black on Black
  • 10 Transience