Sean Lennon released an album with his psych-rock band the Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger just last year and he's already completed a new album from a new band. The Lennon Claypool Delirium, pairs Lennon up with Les Claypool, the longtime frontman of Bay Area quirk-rockers Primus. As they look forward to the release of The Monolith Of Phobos this summer, they've unveiled the first single 'Mr. Wright.'

"It's been an honor and a challenge playing with someone of Les' caliber, but luckily the Gods of Pinot Noir shone favorably down and granted us a bundle of devilish tunes about monkeys, outer space and sexual deviancy," Lennon says of the collab, while Claypool goes on to say: "Sean is a musical mutant after my own heart. He definitely reflects his genetics — not just the sensibilities of his dad but also the abstract perspective and unique approach of his mother. It makes for a glorious freak stew." The Monolith Of Phobos is out on June 3.