It has the teeth of a rock song. It plays like a pop song. It beats with an electronic heart. It could possibly be forever night in Seasfire's universe, and 'Oh..Lucifer' is the perfect gateway into their misty, dreamscapes. It fits that this four piece emerged from the darker corners of Bristol. A few of that city's better known musical exports have seeped into the cracks and crackles of Seasfire's sound. But even though they may paint from the same palette, the sound has more of a modern sheen mixed in with the sinister, bringing to mind The Weekend's narcotic vibe.

This is well produced music. It is processed guitars and digital (or at least, digitized beats). Does it get in the way of the song? Well, no. The rich melody and strong voice of vocalist Josh Thorn provide a focal point in the dense layers of instrumentation, giving an emotional resonance around the rain soaked streets Seasfire can evoke.

You can grab a copy of the single on July 1st through Little Fan Records.