'Don't Waste Another Heartbeat' is the latest single from the Gothenburg-based band Seaside Heights. Taken from their forthcoming EP, Made Up Minds And Bad News, which is due out on June 8, 'Don't Waste Another Heartbeat' is a bittersweet ode to living life to its fullest, working through its most difficult moments in pursuit of something larger.

Filled with longing, sadness, as well as optimism and hope, 'Don't Waste Another Heartbeat' is a poignant meditation on the hardships of life and the need to press onward. The song seems to tilt upwards for nearly three minutes before arriving at a synth-driven explosion of catharsis before gently letting the listener back down to rest. Capturing so much emotion with clarity is not an easy feat, yet Seaside Heights do it here and it is compelling as hell.

According to the band, 'Don't Waste Another Heartbeat' was inspired by the memory of a newborn child, Neo, who tragically lost his life to a heart disease just 14 days after entering the world.

"Who wants to die before they even tasted life?" asks the band, pointing to the tragedy of Neo's passing. "The song came into place during our very first meeting with producer Thomas Harsem. We had the tune already arranged when Thomas literally recklessly messed up the arrangements. It turned out to be brilliant."

You can stream 'Don't Waste Another Heartbeat' above, and be sure to keep an eye out for Seaside Heights' new EP, Made Up Minds And Bad News, which is due out on June 8.