Seattle electronic duo NAVVI are well-known for their cinematic instrumentals and poignant vocals performances. But on the group's new LP, ULTRA, NAVVI found themselves coalescing around a singular word -- "ultra." With the power and grace that word invokes fueling their songwriting, the duo put together their most impressive collection to date, including the new single 'Us.'

Instrumentalist Brad Boettger says he drew inspiration for 'Us' from other artists, namely Aphex Twin and Massive Attack.

"We bought a new bass and I wanted to make good use of it," Boettger says. "There is a balance between stream of consciousness work on the synthesizers and acute attention to detail with the rhythm section."

For vocalist Kristin Henry, 'Us' is "about commitment and longevity. It’s an exploration into love in its purest form.

"Sometimes I see myself at both the giving and receiving end of the words," she says. "Other times it’s my partner’s face that I see, or a close friend. But there are also times when it’s me talking to my craft face-to-face -- like it’s a living, breathing thing that has the ability to love me back. It’s assurance that no matter how bleak things get and what type of shit goes down, the fog will eventually clear, and love will be all that’s left. This idea that no matter what happens, the will to give and receive love will always remain."

You can stream NAVVI's 'Us' up above. Their upcoming record, ULTRA, drops on Sept. 28 via Hush Hush Records, and you can pre-order it right here.