Genre is nearly dead and thank god. Moving past those limitations we’re graced with groups like Seba Kaapstad. While formed in South Africa, their sound draws from their international roots and passion for always pushing their artistry. While labelled neo-soul, Seba Kaapstad embraces and produces so much more. Neo-soul is the name of their star system, but they fuse sounds from every planet.

And we're very excited to premiere their latest video, ‘Don’t’.

Zoe Modiga’s voice demands your attention. The power comes from support, not the volume of force. She’s able to sing these rhythms and just touch on the notes in a way that plays directly off the video itself. A confluence of sounds, the music borrows from soul, hip-hop, and even includes a classical-leaning outro. This smooth pairing of sounds is juxtaposed by a visual story that’s sombre, panicked, and all at once too familiar.

‘Don’t’ is a music video that lingers with purpose. It’s a six-minute film. Seba Kaapstad and their creative partners are creating the future and we’re just living in it.