Singer, songwriter and accomplished painter Sebastian Blanck's latest offering 'Thunder' is a dreamy yet haunting journey into the mind of the artist. The new album Alibi Coast released during the summer of 2010 is a far cry from the sound of his previous musical experiment Black Dice. It is a selection of acoustic based tracks written about the emotional fallout of the tragic death of his brother as well as intimacy and the quarrels of love.

In his own words the artists explains "I was thinking about being the type of person who is consumed by something" and there is certainly a sense of this throughout the track. 'Thunder' is a whimsical acoustic folk ballads, with similarities to Simon and Garfunkel and Nick Drake. It has a dream like feel with lyrics such as "soft gray shadows in windswept nightmares" and "like an echo fading in and out". Sebastian Blanck is joined on the track by Chairlift's Caroline Polachek and the vocal harmonies between the pair are really quite beautiful .

It is mainly filled by acoustic guitar, while an organ, violin and piano are subtly added and brought together towards the end of the track. It is a atmospheric song, and is very enjoyable to listen to. The single 'Thunder' is to be released on January the 10th 2011on Make Mine and comes with the B side 'Black Sanded Beach', in which the artist describes a near death experience.