Sébastien Tellier is gearing up for a release of his new studio effort Confection on November 11th via Record Makers .

Teaming up with the same crew behind the 2005's gem La Ritournelle, Tellier toys with the idea of crafting a near instrumental album that plays like a film score. Take for example, the album's lead single 'L' Amour Naissant,' which pitches his dejected vocal against the slightly jazzy drumming, producing a winsome cinematic soundscape.

Check out the chromatic clip for 'L'amour Naissant' below, featuring Monsieur Tellier himself as well as the uber charismatic French actress Anna Mouglalis and male model Clément Chabernaud.

Confection tracklist:

  • 1. Adieu
  • 2. Coco
  • 3. L' Amour naissant
  • 4. Adieu mes Amours
  • 5. Hypnose
  • 6. Waltz
  • 7. Adieu comme un jeu
  • 8. Delta Romantica
  • 9. Curiosa
  • 10. L' Amour naissant III
  • 11. Coco et le labyrinthe
  • 12. L'Amour naissant III
  • 13. Curiosa II
  • 14. Le delta des amours

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