What better way to treat a piece of music than to show everybody what you're imagining whilst listening to it, creating a new audio-visual art form: the music video.

From straight-up "live" performances by the artists themselves and more fragmented versions, vignettes of imagery to suit the song, to definitively directed actual short films soundtracked by a song, music videos are now more varied than they ever have been. Animated, documentary-style, hand-drawn, 3D-rendered, interactive and VR-friendly offerings are commonplace these days. But it's difficult to watch every single video that's released (we should know), so we've compiled a handy list of the 10 best music videos of the past three months. It's our take on things, of course, but at least we've made approaching the vast library of music videos a more bitesized undertaking.

Last time we did a feature like, people asked if all the videos could be put into a playlist instead. Well, consider today a good day for getting your way. Sit back and relax.

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Directors: Francesco Carrozzini, Michel Gondry, Joseph Kahn, Inigo Westmeier, Andrew Thomas Huang, John Merizalde, Mat Dryhurst, We Were Monkeys, Kevan Funk, Daniel Askill and Sam Geer.