Welcome to Label Picks for New Music. Every fortnight we invite a label to pick one up and coming band on their own label and another not associated with the label. This third edition features Montreal-based Secret City Records where label co-founder Andrew Rose gives his picks for the best new music.


I (Andrew Rose) co-founded Secret City Records in Montreal in 2006. We’re a small team so I wear a lot of hats. Though it doesn’t necessarily take up that much time relatively speaking, in some ways my most important role at the label is heading up A&R.



Daniel Isaiah is one of our most recent signings, but I’m known him for some time. He’s a native Montrealer, and has led various bands since he was a teenager. I first heard his music in 2003 or so, but it wasn’t until he did some solo demos in around 2008 that I really knew we had to do a record with him. He’s one of those artists whose lyrics and song structures are just timeless. He’s a poet, basically. Dan is also a terrific band leader, and gets great things out of the people he works with.

You can hear more of Daniel Isaiah here



Sea Oleena is a young girl named Charlotte Loseth from Saskatoon, Canada, recently transplanted to Montreal. She has an incredible voice. In some ways her songs are like gentle, dreamy folk lullabies. But there are also beautiful layers of noise and electronic flourishes (she works with her brother on production) that just add to the ethereal quality of the music. She’s only just starting to perform live, but she certainly has presence. Definitely someone to watch.

You can hear more of Sea Oleena here