Release Date: April 2009 Website: If it's catchy pop beats and cutesy Hellogoodbye type vocals served with a dash of rap lyricism that you're after, then look no further, because Secret Secret Dino Club is just what you're looking for! Ok, so maybe at a first listen there's nothing incredibly spectacular going on here, musically speaking - but what ever happened to good old wholesome fun? Although most of the lyrical content conforms to the clichés of high school crushes and the angst of teenage life, when have these musical ingredients ever not been the staple part to many hit songs of our youth?! Secret Secret Dino Club is musically, the very embodiment of the word fun, without extinction. Some people might not get it, that's fine, but where as they're the ones sitting in darkened rooms feeling sorry for themselves, You'd be hard done by to find a reason to feel sad about anything delivered it an abundance of  upbeat sing along anthems. Secret Secret Dino Club's experiment with both power pop and hip hop creates tunes that could be best seen opening for many 80's cartoons. Failing all else, Secret Secret Dino Club is a light,fluffy portion of harmless pop that when listened to creates a warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling that everyone should at least try once! Don't knock it until you've tried it! 6/10