Lambda Celsius, also styled Λ°C, makes a brand of music they have termed "elf house." What is this exactly? Well, look no further than the project's new single 'Get Over You,' a pulsing synthpop jam infused with elements of '80s goth and queer futurism.

Lambda Celsius, the moniker of Athens, Ga., resident AC Carter, may just be bursting out onto the scene, but it already feels like a fully conceptualized project, complete with its own singular aesthetic. And, as 'Get Over You' illustrates, the music is pretty damn good as well. The synths are propulsive, evoking a sense of bleary-eyed heartache, while Carter's evocative vocals are equal parts dreamy and determined as they work through the time-honored task of getting over a lost love.

You can stream Lambda Celsius' new single 'Get Over You' up above, and be sure to look out for more from this fantastic new artist, who is preparing a full-length release due out next year.