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Semi Precious is the project of Goldsmiths graduate Guy Baron. His self-titled EP is a collection of smooth sample based tracks with delicate luscious vocals. Starting as a degree project and morphing into a substantial artistic commitment, Semi Precious' approach to creating music is incredibly fresh and the results are impressive.

Semi Precious mission statement is to 'attempt to recapture, reconstruct and reinhabit fading sounds' through combining two fragmented instrumental samples and distorting them into something fresh with the addition of more traditional vocals. The EP floats through looping drums, jazzy keys and floating falsettos. Opener 'When It's Hard' has a echoey piano line over slow motion drums setting the tone for an experimental and relaxed EP. The vocal modification and use of space is reminiscent of fellow Goldsmiths graduate James Blake.

The samples on the EP are cleverly chosen, a delayed guitar line in 'Lady White & Lady Grey' catches the ear and the hip-hop style beat in 'Light Cleaning' makes for a unique and genre bending sound which permeates through the whole of the EP. It's a testament to Semi Precious' song-crafting abilities that he can combine vastly different old samples, combine them with new technology and vocals and create something that sounds incredibly current yet has the aura of undiscovered '50s lounge music. Think black and white videos of soul singers, but stood crooning into a Macbook microphone.

'Shaky Skies' closes the EP and is the most ambitious of the six tracks. Churning bass notes and vocals standing delicately alone make for a haunting and ethereal ending to an impressive debut effort. It will take time to truly craft memorable tracks with a more refined identity but Semi Precious EP is a great first release. There is great promise of a new direction as 'Shaky Skies' moves away from the traditional pop structure of the rest of the EP and creates a completely different mood. Whether it's a hint at a more experimental direction remains to be seen but Semi Precious has shown a unique skill in production with his debut EP and has executed that skill to great effect.

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