Quite why this band is as ignored as they are, is puzzling. For the music they make, which is beautifully melancholy at times, but also equally euphoric, Semifinalists deserve to be rated so much better, yet remain somewhat hidden, but bright, gems. I might describe their lack of attention as ‘criminal' if that wasn't such a cliché, but the sentiment of that phrase I mean wholeheartedly, and I can't think of a better way of putting it. Combining the best elements of electro-pop, with aspects of shoegaze and guitar driven indie-pop whilst maintaining an ear for melody, Semifinalists have crafted a second album that is a complete joy to listen to. For many bands, describing them as ‘nice' would seem to be a bit of an insult, implying that whilst they are pleasant, it's nothing more. But that's wholly appropriate for the music Semifinalists produce. It's just a lovely album, that is unafraid to explore and impossible to pigeonhole. Featuring a few more upbeat, synth lead tracks than their previous record, such as excellent opening track, ‘Our Body' and the more laidback but no less enjoyable ‘Makeout Club', this is a welcome progression from their also excellent self titled debut, but maintains the characteristic Semifinalists sound, aided by the distinctive vocals styling of Adrianna Alba and Ferry Gouw. The sounds created are at once expansive, soaring and anthemic, but maintain a sense of dreamy gentleness and fragility, all hooks and vocal harmonies and is beautifully catchy. Often their songs sound as though there are a hundred things going on at once, yet they all come together in one glorious harmonious moment. Described extensively elsewhere as an 1980s revivalist effort, there is an element of truth in that description as far as the record is concerned, with the band slipping occasionally and briefly into territory more familiar with *shudder* disco bands. At times if you allow the music to wash over you, the attention to detail becomes a euphoric cacophony, causing you to shudder, but in a good way. This album puts other music described as electro to shame, its nigh on impossible not to love this band. 8/10