'Seventeen' is a sultry, shadowy pop track by velvety-voiced Tessa Rae, who has delivered the video for her forbidden love song and coming of age story. The 22-year-old Oakland born, Los Angeles raised singer-songwriter teamed up with executive producer Justin Warfield, who helped create a sound that combines hip-hop beats, otherworldly soundscapes, evocative lyricism and dreamy melodies. The single is the first release from her Two Worlds mixtape, which features production from Warfield, Silkky Johnson (The Weeknd), DJ Adam 12 (She Wants Revenge), and Four Names (The Neighbourhood).

"We shot this video in an empty house in the hills of Los Angeles," Tessa said. "It gave it this kind of spooky abandoned feeling which I think really fits the song. The house ended up serving as a time capsule of sorts. It was a place where all the memories of this young love could live. I like playing with the idea of reality vs. memory. I had always envisioned an angel in this video. My angel boy grows wings and skates off in the end, and you have to wonder if he was really there or if he was just a memory."